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We apologize for any inconvenience.Some of these sermons were recorded in 10 minute tracks and this is how we had to install them on the website. There are usually four tracks to each sermon We are trying to find a way to splice these tracks.Please bear with us until we get this accomplished. We pray that you will be blessed listening to the ones that are installed already.  Thank you for your patience. The current sermons are recorded on one track. Hope you enjoy. Leave us a message on the Guest Book


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03/11/2012George Dudley Where Will I Find Hope?
Sunday Morning
Download 01_Track_1(32).mp3
08/21/2011Sean Dudley What's Your Heritage
Sunday Night
Download 01_Track_1(18).mp3
01/08/2012George Dudley Voice of God
Sunday Morning
Download 01_Track_1(29).mp3
02/20/2011George Dudley Three Chairs Part 5
Sunday Morning Revelation
Download 05_-_Track_5.mp3
02/20/2011George Dudley Three Chairs Part 4
Sunday Morning Revelation
Download 04_-_Track_4.mp3
02/20/2011George Dudley Three Chairs Part 3
Sunday Morning Revelation
Download 03_-_Three_Chairs_-_3.mp3

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