Donation Page

There are 4 ways that you can contribute to: Building Fund, Tithes, Missions, Youth or Offering. 

1.  You can mail a check to:  Christ Church, PO Box 517, Alexander, AR 72202

2.  You can call Pastor Lenny Dudley and she can take your information over the phone.

3.   When we get through all this Virus stuff, you will be able to stop by the church and run your credit/debit card  through the machine.  (Pastor Lenny has the machine at her house for now to process payments)

4.  Venmo account:  @christchurch-lr

Please note on the check how you would like your money divided, etc.. $25  building fund, $50 tithes, $10 Youth, $15 Missions for a check of $100.00.  The same goes for the credit card payments as well.  We just want to make sure your money goes into the correct account that you intended. 

God bless you for your faithfulness and giving!  

**You will also get a receipt at the end of the year for your giving if you would like to use it on your taxes.**